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Keyswide Realty Flat Fee MLS - $599

At Keyswide Realty, we feel that we are on the "Cutting Edge" of the New Real Estate Business.
Today's better educated, better informed Seller has more tools and resources at his disposal than the seller of only a few years ago. In keeping with our Policy of bringing the Newest and Most Innovative Programs to Our Valued Clients we are now Offering Listing on the Florida Keys MLS for a Flat Fee of only $599..!!

Here's How It Works...!!

For a One Time $599 Flat Fee, Keyswide Realty.Com Will Provide:

  • Property Listing on The Florida Keys Multiple Listing Service(MLS).
  • Advertising on Internet
  • Free Market Analysis of Your Home (CMA) to Determine the Value of Your Property
  • Your Name as contact person on the MLS Listing
  • Listing on Keyswide Realty.Com feature page.
  • Free Listing on MyKeysByOwner.Com
  • Cancel Any Time

Buyers and their Agents will Contact You directly, You will be in complete control of all Contract negotiations, and will be responsible to take the transaction to closing. If you need assistance with the transaction, you can hire a Real Estate Attorney, or we offer the following menu of services:
cel at Any Time

  • Contract Negotiation and Preparation
  • Qualify your Buyer and arrange Financing
  • Arrange Inspections, Appraisals
  • Coordinate Closing and Title Agent Referral
  • Follow up on all details of Transaction.

The Sale of Real Estate is a complex transaction that is strictly governed and regulated. Some Sellers have the experience and expertise to close the sale without assistance. We strongly recommend that you seek some professional assistance in the closing of your sale. Keyswide will act in a non-representative capacity unless specified in writing.

Example of our $599 Flat Fee MLS Listing


Example: 6% Real Estate Transaction:

Sale Price: $350,000
At 6% Commission Percentage
  • Approximate Commission to Listing Agent - $10,500.00
  • Approximate Commission to Buyers Agent - $10,500.00
Average - $21,000.00
$599 Flat Fee MLS Listing:
Sale Price: $350,000
at $599 Flat Fee
  • 0% to Listing Agent
  • 0% to Buyers Agent
TOTAL COST: - $599.00

You Save: - $20,001.00..!!


When a listing is entered into the MLS, there is a commission offered to the Buyers Agent. In the past, this commission has traditionally been 3%. Recently, considering the current market, we have been offering 2.5% to the Buyers Agent without encountering much resistance, and the properties are selling well.
If you sell your property directly to a buyer, without a agent involved, you will not pay any commission. Below are examples of a typical transaction with a Buyers Agent involved:


Example: 6% Real Estate Buyers Agent at 3%
Sale Price: $350,000 At 3% to Buyers Agent
  • Commission to Listing Agent - $0.00
  • 3% Commission to Buyers Agent - $10,500
  • TOTAL COMMISSION: - $10,500.00
  • Flat Fee - $599.00
  • TOTAL COST: $11,099.00

You Save: $9,601.00..!!
2% Full Service MLS Listing Buyers Agent at 2.5%
Sale Price: $350,000 At 2.5% to Buyers Agent

  • Commission to Listing Agent - $0.00
  • 2.5% to Buyers Agent - $8,750.00
  • TOTAL COMMISSION: - $8,750.00
  • Flat Fee - $599.00
  • TOTAL COST: $9,349.00
You Save: $11,251.00..!! 


At Keyswide Realty.Com, We do not Penalize our Sellers for finding their own Buyers. If you Sell it Yourself, with our Flat Fee Plan, You Will Save the entire commission..GUARANTEED..!! Call us at 305-745-8815 to discuss a plan to suit your particular needs.